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The motivation theory that I agree most with is the diversity theory and the motivation theory that I agree least with is the psychoanalytic theory. The reason I agree with the diversity theory is that it is a valid intuitive theory and it is the most direct on out of the three theories. Murray states that People live both in responses to the past and in anticipation of the future. He also states that our Viscerogenic needs are physiological wants and desires such as the need for air, water, and sleep and the psychogenic needs, such as the needs for autonomy, achievement, affiliation, dominance, play, and order both have value.
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Unformatted text preview: The reason I agree least with the psychoanalytic theory is because it is the least viable in my eyes. Freud states that our instincts get played out in fantasies and dreams, and they get expressed in very subtle and sublimated ways in everyday behavior. He states that it is so subtle that we are likely to not even notice it. I feel that because this is precisely the psychoanalytic point than how does he know that it happens. How did he test this on humans and this being said this is why I least agree on this theory....
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