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CheckPoint Interactionism - or feel in consistent ways that...

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Culture has a huge influence on ones personality it is part of what make ones personality up. You are raised in your culture, you dress in your culture, you act however your culture acts, and you speak the language the culture has. You are dressed and taught by your parents as a baby and as you grow older your culture is still the same which makes up your personality. So in the end your personality is formed from, by, and around your culture. I feel that how one reacts to something in life will likely be strongly influenced by a result of something happening in their social experience. Behavioral Dispositions is one of the four positions of the nature of traits that I agree with most. I agree with it the most because I feel that Traits are tendencies to act, think,
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Unformatted text preview: or feel in consistent ways that interact with external influences, such as cultural norms and situational variables, to influence a person’s functioning. Is how I personally feel about the way traits are. In comparing the four positions of the nature traits, behavioral dispositions is a more easily understood concept then just linguistic categories used to describe human behavior. I feel that traits are not just convenient fictions devised by people to categorize and Make sense of the diversity of human behavior and experience. Traits do not exist outside the mind of the observer, and therefore They can have no causal influence...
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