Assignment The Vietnam War - Running head: THE VIETNAM WAR...

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Running head: THE VIETNAM WAR 1 The Vietnam War Kim Waddell Hist/135 October 30, 2010 Jason R. Harshman
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THE VIETNAM WAR 2 The Vietnam War The connection between student unrest and the Vietnam War is many ways, but the biggest one is the military draft. Every male in America had to register for selective service draft at the age of eighteen. He then would become eligible to be drafted into the Army for a period of two years. During the time of the war, every male student was required to register for the selective service on his eighteenth birthday. Young men who have received deferments because of their student status got increasingly in jeopardy as their graduation date got closer. After their graduation the young men would then be on the top of the drafting list. This was a very unpopular war that Americans were opposed of and thought it was to be nothing but bad for all the soldiers and America. When President Richard Nixon expanded the war beyond Vietnam into Cambodia, protest erupted even at Kent State, just east of Akron, Ohio. The same day demonstrators went and smashed in shop windows and then returned to Kent State a burned down the old ROTC building. Govern James Rhodes ordered in 750 National Guard By background and education,
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Assignment The Vietnam War - Running head: THE VIETNAM WAR...

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