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Assignment Character Evaluation - Running head: CHARACTER...

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Running head: CHARACTER EVALUATION 1 Character Evaluation Kim Waddell PSY 230 October 22 2010 Robyn Meeks
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CHARACTER EVALUATION 2 Character Evaluation I chose my all time favorite movie Clueless and the character in the movie that I am doing the evaluation is Cher Horowitz. She is a very rich, spoiled, ditzy, preppy, big hearted, and big dreaming girl. Cher lives in Beverly Hills, California with her father whom is a huge lawyer and her mother has passed away from a freak liposuction incident. She has her best friend Dionne who is a preppy rich girl as well. They go to a big school with other rich preppy kids whom are all very different and are in their own social groups. Chers’ personality consists of the extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and somewhat of neuroticism of the personality cluster. Cher has an extraversion type of personality in the spectrum of warmth, gregariousness, assertiveness, activity, excitement seeking, and positive emotions. She has the biggest heart and a very warm heart. She will do anything to help anyone out and this is what gets her into the mess she got in with her friends. She loves to be with her friends and if she is not with her friends she is with someone because she loves others company and being social. She is very positive about life and has a positive outlook on how her future is going to be. She tells her mom by talking to her picture on the wall every day how she is doing better at something and what she will do by doing better. Cher loves to be out doing something her favorite thing is to shop and she excitement seeking and is always doing some type of an activity. Her emotions were always positive and she very seldom until she got into a fight with her friends did she have negative
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Assignment Character Evaluation - Running head: CHARACTER...

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