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Motivating Employees - Motivating Employees I do believe...

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Motivating Employees I do believe that it is possible for a manager to motivate an employee. There are many different ways that a manager can motivate employees. The managers can give recognition when they need to and more often than they usually do. Employees like to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. The manager could make the work environment more fun for the employees to want to be in and work harder towards their goals. The manager could give rewards when they should in order to recognize an employee that is doing an outstanding job. The manager should be able to give theses rewards to the person while everyone is watching and listening, like a ceremony. Therefore, other employees will want to work just as hard to receive their rewards as well. The manager could offer special bonus incentives when they believe that a person will be more motivated than usual, like around Christmas time. People will want to work harder around this time so that they can have more money for Christmas and so that
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