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Turnitin Originality Report Processed on: 03-28-10 10:21 PM CDT ID: 130021271 Word Count: 772 Submitted: 1 Eating Disorders By Valerie Miller Similarity Index 7% Similarity by Source Internet Sources: 5% Publications: 5% Student Papers: N/A 3% match (publications) "Research results from University of Minnesota, Medical Department update understanding of eating dis", Biotech Week, Jan 6 2010 Issue 2% match (Internet from 9/17/03) 2% match (Internet from 2/8/10) Eating Disorders Axia College of University of Phoenix 03/28/2010 Eating disorders have become more common in the world today. Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, and Binge eating are characterized gross disturbances in eating behavior. These disorders typically begin in adolescence or early adult life. disorders are serious enough to cause death. Therefore, it is important to catch it early on in order to treat people with these disorders effectively. Although, treating people with these disorders is not an easy thing to do because this is not considered a serious mental illness and it is causing a health care crisis in those with these disorders and their families. This is considered hard to explain considering that there is evidence
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2010 for the course PSY BEH 225 taught by Professor Sondrasavage during the Spring '09 term at University of Phoenix.

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Plagiarism Report - Turnitin Originality Report Processed...

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