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Eastern Religious Philosophers Quotations

Eastern Religious Philosophers Quotations - Eastern...

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Eastern Religious Philosophers Quotations The eastern religious philosopher that I have chosen is Confucius. Confucius said, “It is man that can make the Way great, and not the Way that can make man great.” (Eastern Influences, 2008) Confucius states that the Way is a key concept in his philosophy. The Way is explained to be the path taken by natural events. Confucius uses “the Way” in many different instances. Confucius uses the Way as the Way of man, the Way of music, a Way of proper government, and a cosmological Way. It is said that “One can study the practices of the wise ancients to learn how to make the Way great in one’s own time.” (Eastern Influences, 2008) This basically means knowing how best to regulate your life. Confucius then goes on to set ideas of human behavior based on his understanding of the Way. Confucius believed that once you have achieved knowledge of the Way of things then you cannot die in vain. This quotation is accurate because Confucius believed the Way to be a way of
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