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Final Project Topic - Thoughts are the different ways that...

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Final Project Topic Is a person more than a physical body? What is the mind? What is thought? There is definitely more to the human body than a physical body. There is also a mental body in the human. There is not a physical without a mental in the human, as well as, there is not a mental without a physical in the human body. The physical body is just what other people and we see. The physical is the human body and the mental is the way the human body thinks, and how the mind works. Therefore, the human body is a mental and physical body. The mind controlled by our physical brain. The physical brain is responsible for our mind and consciousness. I do not believe that there is anything immaterial or supernatural involved. I believe that the mind is material and naturalistic. The mind is controlled by the brain, but is not the brain. The brain is an organ in the human body that controls the mind. Therefore, you cannot have the mind without the brain. The brain is like the power switch to the mind.
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Unformatted text preview: Thoughts are the different ways that we put our minds to work. When we use our thoughts, the thoughts are coming from the mind. The brain is the main operation of the mind and thoughts. The mental process is a chain of commands that are powered by one another. The thought of the human body is what the human is thinking and that is where we will get our ideas. We will get our explanations and thoughts from the mind and the mind comes from the brain. Therefore, the brain is the main operation that controls the human body and the mind in the human body that has the thoughts of certain ideas and beliefs of philosophy. The subject of the physical body, mind, and thought have arisen different views by many people. There are people who believe that the mind is immaterial and supernatural, but I do not believe this to be true. There are many different views by many philosophers. This just depends on the view that the people think is more logical....
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