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Moral Character View Points

Moral Character View Points - that a person has I would...

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Moral Character View Points There are some things that we have discussed in week four on moral character that I can agree upon and that I can disagree upon. Everyone has their own view points and everyone is entitled to what their view points are. This is called an opinion. Therefore, I am going to state what my agreements and disagreements are on moral character that was discussed in week four. The agreements that I have on moral character that is discussed in week four are that morals are something that a person picks up, whether it be good or bad morals. Everyone has their own moral values based on what they believe is right and true to themselves. I also agree that you could enhance your moral character based on habits
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Unformatted text preview: that a person has. I would have to say that I disagree that bad moral character is something that has been embedded into the brain and thoughts in the years of adolescence. Everyone can change their bad moral character into good moral character. There is always a chance for someone to change the way they act and the way they believe. All a person has to do to change their bad moral character is to change it into good moral character and to make the right and true decisions. Therefore, a person can change who they are and what they have become if they choose to....
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