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Parenting Styles and Development

Parenting Styles and Development - be immature Therefore in...

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Parenting Styles and Development I have chosen to explain how three adults brought up under three different parenting styles will cope with starting a family and becoming a parent. The three different parenting styles that will be discussed are authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive. When being brought up in an authoritarian parenting style the person may become unhappy, fearful, have weak communication skills, do drugs, and drink alcohol. Therefore, as an adult this person may not even be in a relationship, so they may not be ready to start a family. If they do, then they will probably have the exact opposite parenting style as they were brought up in. They will probably neglect their children and possibly their spouse. This person will not be able to communicate with their children or spouse. They may be depressed, have low self-esteem, and
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Unformatted text preview: be immature. Therefore, in parenting they will become a permissive parent. When being brought up in a permissive parenting style the person will be free to do whatever they want and may not be able to get along with others very well. Therefore, as an adult if they have children then they will most likely be the same way as a parent. They will let their children do whatever they want to do. When being brought up in a authoritative parenting style the person will probably be responsible, independent, respectful, and confident. They will be very good parents and be able to talk to their children about anything. They will explain what their child has done wrong if they break the rules. They follow rules very well. This type of person will be a good role model just as their parents were to them....
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