Psychological Theories - the individual self. Taken from...

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Psychological Theories Psychodynamic Theory- Popular theorists include Freud, Jung, and Erikson. Personality is characterized by a struggle between different elements within an individual’s personality. Behavior, thoughts, and emotions are a result of this inner struggle. A healthy personality means knowing one’s self, making authentic choices which are consistent with goals, and the capacity of making real changes in their lives. Learning Theory- Popular theorists include Pavlov and Skinner. Focus on the individuals’ capacity to build knowledge and adapt to the environments around them. Includes behaviorism and social- cognitive theory. Humanistic Theory- Popular theorists include Maslow and Rogers. The healthy personality is found in balancing the social self with
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Unformatted text preview: the individual self. Taken from the European philosophy of Existentialism. Idea of the healthy personality is the ability to love and work. Trait Theory- Popular theorists Eysenck initiated the five- factor model. Consists of five major personality factors. Genetics determine the traits for a healthy personality, but how those traits are expressed are influenced by learning experiences, development of skills, and the ability to choose our own actions. Sociocultural- Individualism versus collectivism. Social and cultural factors such as ethnicity, gender, culture, discrimination, and socioeconomic status influence ones sense of self and hos or her adjustment to society....
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Psychological Theories - the individual self. Taken from...

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