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check point observations - didn’t try to fit in I fit in...

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When I was younger I always cared about fitting in. I used unsystematic observation to see how people reacted towards me when I was around. I could see that when I acted shy and unsociable people acted like I was an outsider and they were not very friendly to me. They thought I was weird. So as I got older I used my observations to build theories that as a strong, confident woman people came to me I didn’t have to try to fit in because I was comfortable where ever I was and who ever I was with. So in evaluating prepositions I didn’t care about what people thought I was just myself and I was very relaxed. When I
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Unformatted text preview: didn’t try to fit in I fit in. When I would try to be something I wasn’t I was turned away. I am now dealing with this through my daughter. She is so worried about what the kids at school think about her. I try to tell her that it doesn’t matter what people think because they do not make up who you are. It is kind of like that movie Field of Dreams, “if you build it they will come” If you are yourself people will want to be around you....
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