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PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy (71012, 71013) Fall 2009 EXAM 2 STUDY QUESTIONS The questions below represent larger components that have been covered in the lectures. Parts of these questions involve details which are not explicitly mentioned below, but which may be used for the true/false and multiple choice questions. 1. What is Descartes’ argument for dualism? How is Leibniz’s law used in this argument? 2. What are the two tests Descartes proposes for distinguishing persons from animals and machines? 3. What kind of dualism is Descartes advocating? How is property dualism different from this? 4. What is the significance of the pineal gland for Descartes’ dualism? What problem does this pose to his account? 5. What is materialism? What are some materialist theories of the mind? 6. What is epiphenomenalism? How is it different from interactionism? 7. According to Churchland, what are some arguments for dualism? How successful are these arguments?
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