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PHI 101 (71013) Fall 2009 Dr. T. Manninen Study questions for Final exam 1. What is the distinction between natural religion and revealed religion? 2. Explain the following terms: theism, atheism, agnosticism, deism, polytheism. 3. What is the distinction between friendly theism (or atheism) and unfriendly theism (atheism)? 4. What are the traditional arguments for God’s existence in natural theology? Which of these are a priori and which are a posteriori ? 5. Explain Descartes’ ontological argument for God’s existence. 6. What is the teleological argument for God’s existence? How does William Paley argue for God’s existence? 7. What is Hume’s criticism of Paley’s argument? How does Philo (expressing Hume’s voice) challenge the analogy presented by Cleanthes (expressing Paley’s voice)? 8. After Philo concedes to Cleanthes that the analogy might hold, what is his argument that it won’t help theism? 9. What is van Inwagen’s argument for God’s existence? Why is this argument not susceptible to Hume’s criticism?
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