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Dr. Scott Renshaw Soc 101--Review Guide for Test # 3 Test #3 will be on Tuesday May 8th READINGS Readings before Tests 1 and 2 #1, Mills, “The Promise of Sociology” or “The Sociological Imagination” #2, Berger, “Invitation to Sociology” #3a, Coakley, “How Would a Sociologist Look at Sport” (Posted into Blackboard Course Documents) #10 Merton, “Manifest and Latent Functions” #14, Tonnies, “Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft” #17 Mead, “The Self” #21, Simmel, “The Dyad and the Triad” # 22, Goffman, “The Presentation of Self” #44, Du Bois, “The Souls of Black Folk” Readings since Tests 1 and 2 #3 , Gaines, “Teenage Wasteland” #52, Wilson, “When Work Disappears” #53, Newman, “Getting a Job in Harlem” #40, Mead, “Sex Temperament in Three Primitive Societies” #42, Benokraitis, “How Subtle Sex Discrimination Works” #19, Kilbourne, “Socialization and the Power of Advertising” #28, Ritzer, “McJobs: McDonaldization and the Workplace MATCHING (You will match phrases from the sociological perspectives handout, attached to this) CLASS DISCUSSION The sociologist studies society by utilizing and developing a specialized language. This language generates abstractions in attempt to capture and/or categorize the on-going-stream of social interaction. 1) A Sociologist systematically attempts to describe, explain, analyze, evaluate, and/or predict social phenomenon/a; 2) A Sociologist may systematically challenge (and/or sometimes create) social myth; 3) In so doing, the sociologist systematically addresses social stability and social change. For C. Wright Mills , part of the “sociological imagination” is the ability to see ourselves (see our patterns of behavior) in relation to the structure of society, our specific placement in history, and how the self interplays with the structure and history. --The sociologist systematically studies the structure of society. --The sociologist systematically studies the organization of society --The sociologist systematically studies the individual as a collective Self within the structure and/or organization of society. 1
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Three General Sociological Questions Guide the Sociological Exploration of Social Phenomenon\a: 1. How does any social phenomenon\a organize human beings and create social structure\s? 2. How do people create meaning, and what meanings do they create, from within any given system of human organization and social structure? 3. How does human meaning itself organize human beings and create social structure\s? VISUAL MEDIA Media Before the First Exam The Truman Show The Merchants of Cool The Devil’s Playground Akeelah and the Bee Media Before the Second Exam The Devil’s Playground Bernie Mac : “Jordan the Bully,”“The Household Activity System,” and “Bernie the Man” Seinfeld : “The Soup Nazi” and “The Wink” Media Since the Second Exam Modern Times Office Space The Corporation
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09-Fall-Rvw3-Tue-101 - 1 Dr Scott Renshaw Soc 101-Review...

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