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Project A1 - Applicant - comfortable At my first job I had...

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Wayne Kocher COM 100 – Mathes 8-30-09 First Impression – Applying for a job: Pharmacy Hello. My name is Wayne. Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I have been a pharmacy technician for around 8 years now, and over the years I have acquired several skills that help me perform my job at a high level. I can type about 75 to 90 words a minute, depending on what I am typing. I know all of the popular brands and generics medications by memory, and additionally several others that are not as common. I also have an extensive background in dealing with insurance issues and resolutions. As far as customer service, I worked in a retail setting for 6 years and I understand the importance of putting the customer first and making them feel
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Unformatted text preview: comfortable. At my first job I had several roles in addition to my base technician responsibilities, which included: being the main point of contact of several group homes that my pharmacy serviced, lead inventory spet, and head of our delivery department. At times I had to perform some of these duties simultaneously, so learning how to multi-task became essential to my success. My current goal is to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. After that is achieved I would like to acquire a position with a company where I can put my education to use. I hope that this company can support me in accomplishing my goals by being flexible with my work schedule and offer me a higher position once I get my degree....
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