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Project A2 - Introduction of Applicant

Project A2 - Introduction of Applicant - friendly to...

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Wayne Kocher COM 100 – Mathes 9-2-09 Introduction of Applicant – Luis Lozano Hello, I would like to introduce Luis Lozano. Luis is currently applying for a job at this movie theater. I feel that he would not only be an asset to this company ethically but also provide a positive experience to the customers and employees alike, convincing everyone to return to this theater. Throughout my introduction I will go over some key aspects concerning him and upon conclusion I am sure you will feel the same way. As you will see, Luis always arrives early and dresses properly for the event, in this case “business casual,” which means he takes this interview seriously. At the beginning of an interview, he always starts off with a greeting, hand shake, and a compliment about the company which translates as a sign of respect. He feels he is the right person for the job because he is a fun and
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Unformatted text preview: friendly to customers and co-workers and tends to get along with anybody that he encounters. He is not a judgmental person in regards to a person’s personal habits as long as the job is getting done. On top of that, he has no fears of meeting new people and enjoys communicating with them, especially when addressing issues or concerns. He participated in several clubs while in high school, including STUGO (student government), NHS (National Honors Society), and AVID. While being active in these clubs, he developed quality leadership skills that will transition into his position here seamlessly. Also while in these clubs he maintained an outstanding 4.3 GPA. Although he has no previous work experience, per se, he is anxious to start building a resume with this company and looks forward to taking advantage of any opportunity given to him....
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