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ECN 211 Assignment 3

ECN 211 Assignment 3 - Suppose a women’s life contains...

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Wayne Kocher ECN 211 – McHenry 5-8-09 Blackboard Assignment #3 Mark Gimein’s article “The Eligible-Bachelor Paradox” discusses theories around why there are not as many socially attractive men as there are women as you progress throughout life. Throughout the article I picked up on a few economic concepts and principles, including supply and demand, the marginal principle, and the principle of opportunity cost. I feel that the article is generally wrapped around the concept of supply and demand. He explains that when a women is younger the supply of men is greater, therefore lessening the demand. But as women hold out for a good man, the supply starts to contract and the demand increases. Simply put, as a women starts to age, the chances of her finding an ideal man start to decrease. As he discusses choosing a partner is like an auction, I see the marginal principle and the principle of opportunity cost come into play, but first let me illustrate.
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Unformatted text preview: Suppose a women’s life contains ‘x’ number of days, and each day costs ‘y’. As a woman goes through life she loses one ‘x’ every day. Now when a woman is young, an ‘x’ isn’t worth much because she has thousands of them (i.e. x=1/10y). But, as life goes by, the amount of ‘x’ begins to decrease, therefore increasing the value of ‘y’ (i.e. x=10y). Therefore, when a woman is ages 20-30, the marginal cost of her days starts to catch up with the marginal benefit, and in a woman’s 30’s and 40’s the cost starts to exceed it. In conclusion, a women will take her time to choose the best mate, but as life progresses, she will change her definition of what a “perfect mate” is. This article was definitely interesting, especially to hear his theories about the eligible bachelor paradox. Whatever the answer may be, it sounds like waiting is my best option!...
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ECN 211 Assignment 3 - Suppose a women’s life contains...

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