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CheckPoint: Capstone Learning about world religions has shed some light on how others worship and believe. I do not know a lot about religion, but I have learned some interesting things throughout this class. I now see that most religions have the same god, but have different rituals and practices. Why is it important to learn about other peoples' beliefs and attitudes? Learning, about others beliefs. and attitudes, helps us to understand how others feel about their religion and how to interact with them. Knowing some important things about someone’s religion may help us to not offend them during conversation. It will also help us to understand why a certain religion practices and dresses the way they do. Learning
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Unformatted text preview: about others religion will help us all to not draw conclusions about someone without knowing the facts. I also feel that it will help us to get along better if we understand each other’s different beliefs. How will you utilize this information in the future? I will utilize this information in the future with my job. I deal with people, on a daily basis, from all around the world. Using what I have learned will help me not to offend customers. The information will help me deal with each customer better and with better respect for them and their religion....
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