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Intermediate Sanctions and Community Corrections

Intermediate Sanctions and Community Corrections - who...

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Intermediate Sanctions and Community Corrections There are several pros and cons to the immediate sanctions that are offered in the prison system. I would say that these programs are beneficial to the inmates. If there were no intermediate sanctions there would be an severe overpopulation problem ,worse than there is now. They are part of community corrections in the prison. The objective of these programs is to desistance, which is the systems effort to get the offender to stop the criminal activities. I would say that these programs are a help in providing the offenders with life changing assistance. I would also say that a certain percentage of the offenders
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Unformatted text preview: who partake in these programs actually do renter into society with a different mentality. As well as there are pros to everything there are always cons that follow. One of the cons would be for instance say someone was locked up for drug charges and they participate in the programs. What will likely happen will be hat they will receive some form of probation are parole. They will have to report to their officer but what actually stops them from selling drugs again. There isn’t really an alternative when it comes to certain cases. In order for them to work the offender has to want to change...
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