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MAKING SENSE…. Bare with me ladies and gentleman but I think its time to get real and feel free to comment. My friends and I always seem to go into this topic and sometimes I have to wonder to my damn self, Why am I single. I use to feel like maybe it was just me! Maybe I had set my standards too high but last night it hit me. I just have been enjoying my serenity and peacefulness. The moments to reflect back on people and things of the past. I found myself scrolling through my phone list and was like damn, all these dudes and I'm sitting here like what the fuck. My reflection is this: I am smart, independent, work, have my own car and house, not getting any assistance, go to school, and I am beautiful ,sexy and intelligent. All those good qualities I see and know that I have, most dudes won't notice because those are looked at as threats to the weak ones. What I'm looking for is a man. I've already played the games, cried about why he did me like that, laughed when I played him like that, gotten money from that dude, and what it all boils down to is
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