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Population and Privatization 1. Which option (front-end solutions, double bunking, or back-end solutions) do you feel is the most effective in our correctional system? I feel that front end solutions which are alternatives used to prevent incarceration are effective dependent upon the crime and number of offenses. I also feel that the back end solutions tend to work well if the offender is really wanting to make a positive change in their life 2. What is the role and purpose of privatization? The concept behind privatization is to control and lower costs. The main purpose of privatization is that many believe private markets are better than the government in distributing goods and services to the public This was an idea that by granting private security companies the license to run a state owned prison, they would be able to control costs better than if the state continued to supervise. 3. Does privatization have the potential to eradicate the prison population increase?
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Unformatted text preview: No, because it becomes a business. they want the per head money same as it it is in school dist. if a child misses a day of school the district lose the money allotted for that day. the prison would get paid X amount of dollars per day per prisoner 4. What are the population concerns in the correctional system of the foreign country you selected for the final project, if any? Does this correctional system use privatization methods? 5. Any time the government runs a business, they lose money, cause they don't think of it as "their" money, instead it is OURS the tax payers. privatization is a smart idea to control the prison system but more important is to stop throwing prostitutes and drug users inside the walls, instead they should be fined & monitored on the outside and should be with their families and working for a living....
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