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Probation A probation sentence is given when a convict is released from confinement, but the convict is still under supervision, a testing and are a trial period. Probation is sometimes given in lieu of a prison term. . It can also suspend a prison sentence if the convict has demonstrated good behavior. Probation is a period in which a person is subject to critical examination and evaluation. Probation must be completed before a person can receive greater benefits are freedom. How probation works in the criminal system is that it is a type of sentence offered to criminal defendants. The judicial authority that grants the probation usually comes from the federal are state levels. What happens once the authority is authorized for the person to be on probation is that the defendant is allowed to go freely with out having a suspended sentence. This is done in lieu of the criminal having good behavior. They are then assigned to a specific probation officer, where they then must fulfill certain conditions. If by chance the probationer does violate the conditions that are
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