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Rehabilitation Programs - breathing and feel as if they are...

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Rehabilitation Programs Rehabilitation programs were put into place to assist the inmates in being able to return to modern day society and fit in. There are several types of rehabilitation. In the past times there were conventional ways of rehabilitation. These included sensory deprivation, stress assessment, chemotherapy, aversion therapy and neurosurgery. These were just some of the ways that rehabilitation was provided in theses days. There was also experimental treatments that were done too. Like for example in one prison in California they were injecting violent inmates with the drug Anectine , this would stop them from
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Unformatted text preview: breathing and feel as if they are suffocating and drowning to have them stop violent acts. If they would not stop the violent ways they were subjected again to this treatment. In modern day society things are different in regards to rehab. The things that are offered now are substance abuse treatment programs, thinking patterns, faith based programs, work and the whole person concept. In the past therapy was based on peoples problems and feelings, and sense of self worth. Now therapy is based on how people think and how thinking controls the behaviors and actions of a person. It is believed that people progress morally....
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