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Special Needs Prisoner - regards to this matter The studies...

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Special Needs Prisoner In the article titled ‘Understanding treatment for adults and juveniles who have committed sex offenses” it is explains the type of treatment that is offered as a rehabilitation effort. The first is the Relapse prevention. This was solely used to treat addictions such as substance abuse and gambling. These things were considered as addictions. It was to be a long term behavior management thing instead of as a cure. It was supposed to help them eventually wing themselves from this behavior. The treatment actually provides a stepping stone, mentally, physically and emotionally to the offenders. This will help them deal with the label society has and will place on them. The results of this treatment tends to work better on juveniles according to research that was done in
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Unformatted text preview: regards to this matter. The studies show that vast majority of the youth who has been given treatment has recidivated at significant rates lower than does who did not receive treatment. The end results to the treatment programs is finding and distinguishing which individuals this will work the best on. Which ones will actually benefit the most from the treatment. The fact of the matter is treatment really helping the people who is incarcerated. That answer is indecisive. It is al dependent upon the receiver of treatment. Understanding Treatment for Adults and Juveniles Who Have Committed Sex Offenses Center for sex offender management Nov 2006...
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