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Week 1 Checkpoint A significant change that was introduced in the prisons is the reform movement. This provided the prisons to now utilize rehabilitation more. Rehabilitation is a good deterrence in having prisons become a revolving door. Once a prisoner is released back into the free world, they will have been given the opportunity to prepare themselves mentally. Through this program it provides them mental and health treatment to basically have a change of heart and mind so that they will not commit the same actions upon release. The next great program was the prison as a factory. This seemed to benefit the inmates by taking their idle time and becoming productive. Not only did it cause them to
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Unformatted text preview: be productive but it also allowed them to learn a trade. This was also something that could be put into play once they are released. I feel that the reasons both these programs were effective is because it allowed the criminals to not only better their mentality but also their ability to gain knowledge of a career that was in high demand. Now when they were able to receive probation or parole, they would be a great and better asset to society. Not only would they be able to come out and obtain some form of job but they would also be able to overcome obstacles and situations that could get them incarcerated again. These changes have made present day parole and probation an easy transition....
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