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Week 2 Checkpoint I fell that I waver between both liberal and conservative ideologies on this issue. The way I feel about the objectives of sentencing are merely taken from the witnessing the effects of our current criminal justice system on friends, family and the general public. Prison does seem to work for else but protecting the public, but it also provides the inmates opportunities to better themselves and their circumstances and situations. . Current sentences aimed at rehabilitation do seem to work very well, dependent upon how bad the inmate wants it. I feel that there could be more programs implemented in
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Unformatted text preview: helping the inmates obtain a job after being incarcerated. I would be more aggressive in establishing and implementing programs that would work for them after the term in the prison. I also feel that courts too often underestimate the importance of restitution. If a victim of a financial crime can be paid back the money that was taken, it seems to me that restitution serves justice much better than a jail sentence does. I feel that some crimes should not really carry a prison sentence, but other options such as if they stole something make their wear a sign in front of the building that they stole from....
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