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Work Team Concepts In this assignment I actually never had a discussion with a classmate. I will just explain my concepts on this question to the best of my ability . There are several to chose from, but the one that I will discuss will be on groupthink. Groupthink is a group pressure phenomenon that increases the risk of the group making flawed decisions by leading to a reduction in mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgment . Groupthink is most common in highly cohesive groups. Cohesive groups can go awry in much milder ways. For example, group members can value their social interactions so much that they have
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Unformatted text preview: fun together but spend little time on accomplishing their assigned task. Or a group’s goal may begin to diverge from the larger organization’s goal and those trying to uphold the organization’s goal may be ostracized (for example, teasing the class “whiz” for doing well in school). Cohesion leads to acceptance of group norms. Groups with high task commitment do well, but imagine a group where the norms are to work as little as possible? As you might imagine, these groups get little accomplished and can actually work together against the organization’s goals....
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