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CHEN 3320: ChE Thermo Department of Chem./Bio. Engineering Fall 2010 John Falconer ——————————————————————————————————————— Assignment #5 due Friday, October 8, 2010 Assignment to be completed in assigned homework groups. (1) The 1st step in manufacturing isobutene from isomerization of normal butane is to compress the feed stream of normal butane. The normal butane goes in the compressor at 9.47 bar and 80°C and ideally leaves at 18.9 bar and 120°C, so that it can be fed into the isomerization reactor. The work supplied to the compressor is 2100 J per mole. Compute the heat that needs to be supplied into the unit per mole of normal butane that
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Unformatted text preview: passes through. Assume that normal butane can be represented by a Peng Robinson equation of state. (2) For the liquefaction of nitrogen by Joule Thompson throttling, the inlet to the expansion valve is -122°C and the pressure is 100 bar. The outlet is at one bar. Determine the percentage of nitrogen that liquefies. (3) E&L, 6.2 (b) (ii). That is use the P-R EOS and do the calculation for propane. (4) Design an experiment that would allow you to measure the departure function for internal energy at fixed temperature and pressure. Describe how you would make the measurement. (5) E-L, 7.6 (6) E-L 7.13 (7) E-L 7.18 (8) Use the steam tables to evaluate the entropy departure function for steam at 3.0 MPa and 450°C....
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