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Unformatted text preview: Problem 1 Solution All the ice will melt to return the system to equilibrium after the ethanol is added. Why? Initially, the system is at equilibrium and the fugacities of the two phases are equal We can write the liquid water fugacity as from eqn. 9.32 in the book Note that when ethanol is added to the solution, xH20 decreases. Thus the liquid water fugacity will be less than the solid water fugacity, and the ice will melt to bring the system back to equilibrium. Determine partial pressure in gas phase at low VLE data from pressure. Partial pressure, y1P1 = Fugacity in gas experiment phase,f1(v). Fugacity in gas phase=fugacity in liquid pahse. f1(l)=f1(v)=y1P1 To determine fugacity of liquid phase at high pressure, f1(l)'', use fugacity at low pressure and correct it with Poynting correction. f1(l)""=f1(l)*exp(V(P2-P1)/RT) = y1P1*exp(V(P2-P1)/RT) where P2 is at high pressure, V is the molar volume of l...
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