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1 CHEN 3320: ChE Thermodynamics Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Fall 2010 John L. Falconer ——————————————————————————————————————— Assignment #8 due Friday, October 29, 2010 1) A compressed liquid containing an equimolar mixture of normal pentane and normal hexane is flashed at 20 o C. In this steady-state flow system, 33% of the feed stream is vaporized. What is the system pressure and what are the compositions of the liquid and vapor streams? 2) (a) Use Cosmotherm to compute a P-xy diagram for ethanol(1)/n-propanol(2) at 35 o C. Watch screencasts to learn how to use Cosmotherm. (b) A 10 mol/min liquid stream containing 35 mol% propanol and 65 mol% ethanol enters an isothermal flash chamber at a temperature of 35
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Unformatted text preview: o C, where the pressure is decreased to 7.5 kPa. What are the molar flow rates and compositions of the liquid and vapor streams exiting the vessel? 3) For an equimolar mixture of propane, pentane, and isopentane, what is the difference in the estimation of the bubble pressure at 25 o C using Raoults law and that estimated using Cosmotherm? 4) Sugar was dissolved in hot tea until the tea was saturated. When the tea was cooled to room temperature, the solution was supersaturated with sugar and not at equilibrium. Compare the chemical potential of the sugar in the solution to that of pure sugar. 5) Calculate the fugacity of water, using the PR EOS spreadsheet for mixtures, for a 3 mol% water/97 mol% 2-propanol mixture at 120 o C and 0.8 MPa. 6) Elliot and Lira, 10.17 7) Elliott and Lira, 10.21...
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