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Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Use this checklist for each HW problem. You should check off each item for a given problem or indicate NA (not applicable). You may bring a copy of this checklist to all exams. Draw vertical lines for margins Draw diagram, include known values, unknowns Identify the system Unknowns to be solved Restate problem; identify the interactions Decide on model for system, plan how to obtain solution # knowns, # unknowns Assumptions Equations written down before substitute numerical values
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Unformatted text preview: □ Units used in all calculations (carry through with numbers) □ Solution organized from top to bottom of page □ Axes of all plots labeled and have units if needed □ If data taken from somewhere, source identified □ Answer has units, correct # significant figures □ Answer boxed in □ Check answer: Units are correct Amplitude of answer makes sense Change in correct direction? □ Check-list problem solving - course info Page 1...
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