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2 nd Midterm Exam (Solutions to worked problems) 2009.03.17 1) A solution of 0.2119 g of water dissolved in 25.0 g of solvent freezes at 11.5 o C below the freezing point of the pure solvent. What is K f for this solvent? Molality of water =[(0.2119/18)/0.025] mol/kg = 0.47 m Formula sheet Î Δ i Kf m ( Δ T= 11.5 o C; i =1; m = 0.47 m) Î Kf =24.42 o C/m 2) Oxygen has Tt = 219 o C, Pt = 0.0015atm (triple point), Tc = 119 o C and Pc = 50atm (critical point). The density of the liquid is 1.14g/cm 3 and the density of the solid is 1.33g/cm 3 . a. Sketch a phase diagram for oxygen and label i. Triple point ii. Critical point iii. Normal boiling point iv. Normal melting point 3) Given that Δ rxn = 39 kJ for the gas phase hydration reaction of ethylene, C 2 H 4 : and the following bond dissociation energies, estimate a value for the C=C double bond dissociation energy. Bond
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Chemistry M2 - 1 -...

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