Midterm_I_Form_B_Key - MIDTERM TEST II (FORM B) Tuesday,...

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1 MIDTERM TEST II ( FORM B ) Tuesday, March 8, 2005 UOIT , CHEM 1800U , Barsby NAME __________________________STUDENT NUMBER ________________ Tutorial Assistant (please circle): AMANDA C. CLAYTON J. OMER Y. Tutorial Time (day, AM or PM) ________________________________ This examination contains 8 pages (including this page). Please be sure to check that your copy is complete. The use of calculators is permitted for simple arithmetic only (not for programmable functions). The last 2 pages of this exam contain a periodic table and other references that may be of use to you. These pages may be detached from the rest of the test for your convenience and need not be handed in. The SCANTRON CARD should be used to answer SECTION I; however, you should also answer the question on your exam paper. MAKE SURE TO NOTE YOUR NAME, STUDENT NUMBER, AND TEST FORM (A, B, C, D) ON THE SCANTRON AND TO USE PENCIL. The written portion of the exam must be written in pen if you want the option of submitting your exam for re-grading. SECTION II answers should be written directly on this examination paper. Full marks in Section II will be awarded only where all work is shown. Remember to report answers to the correct significant figures. This examination will be graded out of a total of 50 possible marks. Marks to be assigned to each question are indicated in parentheses beside the question.
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2010 for the course CHEMISTRY CHEM1800 taught by Professor Krista during the Winter '10 term at UOIT.

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Midterm_I_Form_B_Key - MIDTERM TEST II (FORM B) Tuesday,...

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