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DISC Melian Debate Notes - M either has no social structure...

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Athenians Right to rule Why Melians can’t rely on gods and Fortune and Hope - not in your control - since they’ve defeated Sparta - own civilians in danger - treat you like own if you submit Submittance preserves Melian state Avoid own destruction Unite greek states - conquering more, increasing risk of internal revolt - M: M happy with social structure - We don’t need protection because we’re neutral state o Persians not really a problem; Sparta could just help Welcoming Melians to be a part of their prosperity. Why ruin city to Melians: Numbers don’t always mean victory in war Gods will favor b/c it unjust to extend power to less powerful Sparta will be nice because of kinsmen They’re going to be slaves Island of crete great trade route, will make enemies Persian War, example of little guy being winners Socrates: desire to rule shows that they won’t rule effectively
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Unformatted text preview: M either has no social structure if they don’t do well. Sparta won’t go into battle unless they know they can win. And they’re land people so NAH Fall sense of honor to be neutral yeah we didn’t help them… secures Melians’ neutrality-if we’re an insignificant island, why would you want to beat us? o Not insignificant, you’re just Delian League expel Persians but you’re using it to build a greek power Using it for beautification Patriotism and fighting for you country… we want to do that. Hypocritical nation, don’t want to join you Group of neutral islands will be a problem so they’re being preemptive- we’re neutral; we aren’t going to do anything Allies without conquering?...
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