Terms - Heidi Kim History 1A(Geary Section 1O(Stevens Terms...

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Heidi Kim History 1A (Geary) Section 1O (Stevens) 10/13/09 Terms Civitas – Paleolithic – The Old Stone Age (600,000 – 10,000 BCE) in which advanced primates developed into Neanderthals and also modern man. They hunted food or collected it by gathering. o Peaceful golden age, women played dominant role n social organization o Start of culture homo sapiens Newgrange -- Nomad – no permanent abode, travels from place to place to find food and shelter o Linked w/hunter-gatherers… stopped being nomadic after agricultural revolution. Zagros – (Mountains) hill country near these mountains between modern Iran/Iraq, practiced broad spectrum gathering o 10,000 BCE o developed (by accident) human culture Agricultural Revolution -- o Catal Huyuk – pre agricultural, no streets, enter houses from other houses (protection), village, areas of preparation in a still hunter-gatherer world, more than 2000 people o 10,000-5000 BCE Neolithic – The New Stone Age in which modern man developed agriculture and the first villages. o 8000-6500 BCE o villages hunter-gatherers – nomadic people who live by hunting, fishing, and harvesting wild food o 10,000-8000 BCE Lascaux – Paleolithic cave paintings broad-spectrum gathering – a technique of subsistence common that preceded permanent
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Terms - Heidi Kim History 1A(Geary Section 1O(Stevens Terms...

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