Metapoetry ekphrasis

Metapoetry ekphrasis - by herself; ne son ass! Body by...

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ing slowly from the symbolic eautiful. How far is true? one son died violently, the body brought to him and laid it drawing-table, and stood tain distance awaiting the best e light, the best depth of day, th beauty and care and technique gment, cut into shadow, cut ne and sinew and every pocket h the cold light pooled, him days, that deep cutting, unfastening, s mind could climb into n flesh and mend itself. el as the place: d and nothing was discussed; in a cloud of dust e nduring a belief them, somewhere else, to grief. s shoulder , anded heifers, rifice, ining metal s hould have been, kering forge-light ene. an arbitrary spot a ls lounged (one cracked a joke) for the day was hot: y decent folk out and neither moved nor spoke were led forth and bound upright in the ground. of this world, all and always weighs the same hers; they were small for help and no help came: to do was done, their shame ld wish; they lost their pride re their bodies died. r by Wordsworth e in the field, nd Lass! by herself; pass! inds the grain, 5 h oly strain; e profound the sound. ever chaunt s to weary bands 10 e shady haunt, ds: ne'er was heard the Cuckoo-bird, of the seas 15 Hebrides. what she sings?— e numbers flow r-off things, : 20 umble lay, -day? , loss, or pain, ay be again? the Maiden sang 25 have no ending; her work, ending;— and still; p the hill, 30 a rt I bore, ard no more. Metapoetry: Ekphrasis At Luca Signorelli’s Resurrection of the Body by Graham See how they hurry to enter their bodies, these spirits Is it better, flesh, that they should hurry so? From above the green-winged angels blare down trumpets and light. But they don’t care, they hurry to congregate, they hurry into speech, until it’s a marketplace, it is humanity. But still we wonder in the chancel of the dark cathedral, is it better, back? The artist has tried to make it so: each tendon they press to re-enter is perfect. But is it perfection they’re after pulling themselves up through the soil into the weightedness, the color, into the eye of the painter? Outside it is 1500, all round the cathedral streets hurry to open through the wild silver grasses… The men and women on the cathedral wall
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Metapoetry ekphrasis - by herself; ne son ass! Body by...

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