Elegy Death - yrof like a softsame se, being afraid fair,...

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ds and finery her head and sang, urely weeping. ught he gold works wrecked. n her big bronze coffin and Gates-Ajar, ’d lift her head rdenias outing Sunday at she did on Monday. ed her, ed her. diva, gone. ught, ught she’d end that way? e died young and fair, os'd Helen's eye: must die. mercy on us! ops unto the grave, d on Hector brave, y not fight with fate, olds ope her gate; e, the bells do cry. must die. mercy on us! s wantonness h's bitterness: u tioner s for to hear a rt can reply: must die. mercy on us! e fore, each degree e destiny: ur heritage, player's stage: u nto the sky. must die. mercy on us! lse, like a soft drum, ach, tells thee I come; er my marches be down by thee. of this bids me go on ssolution c omfort. Dear—forgive m content to live ut half a heart, et and never part. mber Song by Hill eported 24.9.42 may have been, untouchable ot forgotten t the proper time. ou died. Things marched, t end. klon and leather, patented routine cries. self it ns on vines. Roses all. The smoke s drifts to my eyes. his is more than enough. y of being afraid eligion used to try, en musical brocade we never die, that says No rational being will not feel , not seeing e fear -- no sight, no sound, r smell, nothing to think with, link with, m which none come round. on the edge of vision, blur, a standing chill pulse down to indecision. ever happen: this one will, t rages out en we are caught without ourage is no good: g others. Being brave grave. nt whined at than withstood. thens, and the room takes shape. wardrobe, what we know, n, know that we can't escape, ne side will have to go. nes crouch, getting ready to ring s, and all the uncaring rld begins to rouse. clay, with no sun. ne. rs go from house to house. y reaped their same y a few up they grew mmer) re by more leaf ried his grief still er veryones did their dance n)they pt their dream egin to explain orget to remember bells down) ess ss his face) d e by side was e p ream their sleep by april es. ng and ding) pring went their came Elegy: Death The Twa Corbies by Anon . As I was walking all alane,
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Elegy Death - yrof like a softsame se, being afraid fair,...

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