Love and Lust After

Love and Lust After - itwo people being honest....

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ntagious game: hall be its name. d evils might appal! wonder; in that we, ng nought can tire, ypocrites, admire; Love's ephemerioe, shes and the wine. r happy lot. n, shows the marriage-knot. have seen Love's corpse-light shine. haway by Duffy d in was a spinning world s, torchlight, clifftops, seas dive for pearls. My lover's words ars which fell to earth as kisses y body now a softer rhyme , assonance; his touch n the centre of a noun. reamed he'd written me, the bed his writer's hands. Romance d by touch, by scent, by taste. the best, our guests dozed on, ose. My living laughing love - casket of my widow's head pon that next best bed. more time passes silently. ind's incomplete unrest perses clouds about the sky. ns heap up on the horizon. ares for us. Nothing shows why distance from isolation l l more difficult to find true and kind and not unkind. e Met w/Bishop by Yeats hop on the road aid he and I. ts are flat and fallen now, must soon be dry; venly mansion, foul sty.' are near of kin, ds foul,' I cried. re gone, but that's a truth r bed denied, odily lowliness eart's pride. n be proud and stiff e intent; s pitched his mansion in excrement; can be sole or whole been rent.' Wind by Anonymous nd, when will thou blow, ain down can rain? y love were in my arms, bed again!  but despised straight, d, and no sooner had , as a swallow'd bait o make the taker mad; d in possession so; n quest to have, extreme; nd proved, a very woe; osed; behind, a dream.  well knows; yet none knows well ven that leads men to this hell.  y Shakespeare ears that she is made of truth ough I know she lies,  nk me some untutor'd youth,  world's false subtleties.  ng that she thinks me young,  ws my days are past the best,   false speaking tongue:  s is simple truth suppress'd.  s she not she is unjust?  y not I that I am old?  it is in seeming trust,  ves not to have years told:  ith her and she with me,
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Love and Lust After - itwo people being honest....

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