Love and Lust Before

Love and Lust Before - whenBurneth soon to waste: with one...

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wallow in galantine allow, and am wound, I of myself divine istan the second. grow cold or be unsound; us pleasure, at every chance. I will your thrall be found, me suffer no dalliance. ine by Shakespeare ine! where are you roaming? ear, your true love's coming, g both high and low. pretty sweeting. n lovers meeting, man's son doth know. is not hereafter, hath present laughter: me, is still unsure. ies no plenty, s me, sweet and twenty, uff will not endure. ubies found: es both pure and round; y weene; gold on ground; e siluer sheene, ut few behold, es manifold. an cious body g lanced at me ngered back s band & four other people her nd crying years of night advanced upon Sir Bones: is stuffed, atin, jewelled eyes de her feasts . . . What wonders is e might as well be on Mars. There ought to be a law against Henry. hou, angel, bring'st with thee omet's paradise ; and though hite, we easily know from an evil sprite ; but these our flesh upright. g hands, and let them go ween, above, below. Newfoundland, when with one man mann'd, s stones, my empery ; hus discovering thee ! nds, is to be free ; nd is set, my soul shall be. All joys are due to thee ; bodies unclothed must be Gems which you women use all cast in men's views ; eye lighteth on a gem, g ht court that, not them. e books' gay coverings made women thus array'd. y mystic books, which we ted grace will dignify— Then, since that I may know, y midwife show e a, this white linen hence ; due to innocence : naked first ; why then, ave more covering than a man? eserve this state, ve at lower rate. back I always hear chariot hurrying near; before us lie eternity. l no more be found, ble vault, shall sound ng; then worms shall try rv'd virginity, t honour turn to dust, all my lust. ne and private place,
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Love and Lust Before - whenBurneth soon to waste: with one...

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