Early Middle Ages

Early Middle Ages - week9/10:LateAntiquity&EarlyMiddleAges...

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05:29 11/25/09 Rome   ideological capitol Byzantium   new Christian capitol, water on three sides, incredible wall on other  side Establishes new Senate Constantinople (Constantine   not a baptized Christian) CONSTANTINE: EMPEROR = special responsibility: can control church Bishops = mini magistrates Persecuted society TURNS INTO persecuting society ** time of new/enormous stress from outside Rhine/Danubian frontier = BARBARIANS Agricultural but live on value of fighting/violence Family, honor = raiding, fighting enemies Society of warfare, honor, self protection Buffer kingdoms on frontier 350: Central Asia: The Huns - no knowledge of Rome 378: crush Roman army and kill emperor: by Goths/Gavs? - looking for food
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Early Middle Ages - week9/10:LateAntiquity&EarlyMiddleAges...

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