The Rise of Rome

The Rise of Rome - TheRiseofRome(week7 20:25...

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The Rise of Rome (week 7) 20:25 11/13/09 - ordinary Roman = farmer - not a society that glorifies one on one combat not great value on war elephants (Greeks/Carthaginians into it) - infantry engineers win wars by: thorough planning, solving problems of logistics, rigid  organization, maximum security/discipline. ** defensive wars   series of conquests conquered Etruscans in North defensive wars vs. Greece pushed them further South (S. Italy) now Sicily and wider world Sargon (Akkad): keeps their governments but implements his own rulers. Assyrians: eliminate enemies (impaling, skinning alive) more whole populations,  restructure, put Assyrian organization into place. Rome w/nearby conquests of Latin   give full citizenship (Assembly, structure of  city), extension of full participation. w/further conquests    2 nd  class citizenship, possibility (in time) of attaining  full citizenship (esp. elite) - enormous rewards: accept Roman culture/value access to government elites very supportive/enthusiastic b/c Assembly/gov’t resistors = slaves, killed so participate in Roman conquest o Expansion of city   INCORPORATING PEOPLE o Wide variety of cooperation/support than in any other empire Rome: territory/land NOT ocean Greeks = maritime
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The Rise of Rome - TheRiseofRome(week7 20:25...

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