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Epic of Gilgamesh notes - Heidi K im History 1A Stevens 1O...

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Heidi Kim History 1A Stevens 1O 1) What themes strike you as prevalent throughout the work? Why? - To respect and obey the gods. To accept the will of the gods. Whenever Gilgamesh and Enkidu do not respect the gods, they are punished (i.e. aid with Humbaba fight, penalty for shunning Ishtar and killing the Bull of Heaven). - Immortality and human mortality purpose in life, temptation (harlot from temple, enkidu loses wild), friendship (enkidu/gilgamesh… makes G a better leader makes them more focused. Behavior modification), dreams (to warn, premonitions, foreshadowing), divine intervention in material world, pride (Gilgamesh at the beginning and G&E’s craving for fame), role of women, fame, fate. 2) How would you characterize this society in terms of social structure? Does the work suggest anything about class/gender dynamics in the society? - Gilgamesh takes whatever he wants. He is the omnipotent ruler of the people who succumb to his every desire in fear of his brute strength and status of two-thirds god. The elders come next because they dare to advise and warn Gilgamesh (Tablet III of Humbaba’s power). - The harlot (Shamat) and women do whatever the men desire. However they are portrayed as helpful when it is needed. - Shamat domesticated him… create social structure. KNOWLEDGABLE. . utnapishtim’s wife convinces utnap to give gil a chance. - SOCIAL HIERARCHY: o Gods (the sky god—“GOD” Shamash) o King o Nobility/religious leaders/priests/military leadership o Common people, basic laborers o slaves 3) What seems to have been the role of the gods in this society? How do they behave? - Gilgamesh is only two-thirds god, yet he behaves and rules over Uruk with great discipline and freedom as if he is a full god. He rules over them however he likes, with unfair punishments, unneeded sacrifices, and
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Epic of Gilgamesh notes - Heidi K im History 1A Stevens 1O...

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