EGEE302 hw1 - Race“ Day 94’ EGEE 302— Principles of...

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Unformatted text preview: Race“ Day 94’ EGEE 302— Principles of Energy Engineering Homework -1 Fall 2010 1. The anaiysis of a coal from Pennsyivania is reported as follows (wt. %) ?“°X‘MM€ I Clo: ides? - Moisture 3.30 1445;;th - Volatile Matter 20.50 (1; ,wfl .: h carbon . .12.»: d carbon 85- 7 5393931211?$371}: H dro en 4.50 \0013" L03“ 5“! Oxygen 2.40 , Nitrogen 1.10 boas.“ J03 M1; ‘on W HHV; \Lm,gor\ + (3100480 x27) N405 : \ft’o =KIZQ§1€*AAB E Calculate the dry, and dry ash free proximate and uitimate analysis and estimate the coal’s HHV of the coal. 2. The analysis of a coal is reported as follows (wt. %) Moisture 34.80 mm.) we mm MA a,“ HHV “N (M Volatile Matter 2.8.2 — Se gm M Q is a Fixed Carbon 30.8' ~ ‘6‘ S c ‘ Lama A Ash 6.20 Carbon 42_4 Hydrogen 2_80 Sulfur 0.70 Oxygen 12.4 Nitrogen 0,70 ‘HHV» 7,210 BTU/lb — Determine the ASTM rank of the coal 3. Explain in your own words why the efficiency of a typical fossil fuel power plant is relatively low? How can one improve the efficiency of a typical steam power plant? 1 wou‘xti $usf 'Hacx‘T one, 0&- ‘\'\/~k mix?) CQQUsOfiS “for Q {DQWQ‘ ?\Qn‘\ l3 lye Convergkon cg “90“ ““h QMUSY‘ 'flmi ‘5 Seem; vied By 33w; Second \oflw of: mambaw mm cs 3 wklxc \A $316 I: s khaki: \ n ex deset’s \oo? as, 3mm Om ‘3 (*0. «1; = r,- n a; *w “2561 of”: can \3& it“: “Q. K“): <> mid/\an QC\\ work. TVS” TV‘lQflS " \wkm \S xx \\ QX WQSBVC \r\&0~\ hkost ca 0. as; lag used . T KIWI?" To ‘xme‘mie egg cxemcsl NW a“; :‘VW SW “5% 30M “3" 5041* «30$A \Ot 6°” ‘3 4° “d O W‘“! r; U l x m - 1 )4 is} Q hag)“ lit-axe. \xcw \ 0C) Poo it M603 CDVN 0.x"): (i t:\ \ 03; o Meghan; e03 me‘gfl . lion &5\\9J I m aka” mde \ 03‘s )tanx Co“? Skew 0Q ikkskcmo Meeker» an} r... ‘ \ lo \QC‘QRRQ Qgtgnmszgricsl VOQu‘C‘tA ‘OQ “m cg“ was i - L ‘ «dawns, we; cm mas: \«yn‘es and \‘mflss Mm ~rnc:\\:e.T\C\\‘> as“ “Mb. (MNWSK. ‘rx u ' 213' LWQ‘V‘V-I‘Q' 4. What is cogeneration, why is it more efficient than steam cycle, and explain the advantages and disadvantages of cogeneration? QWL‘WWS‘Wfl '6 Wes “‘ W??? Vitus-Jr lb QAQhQCQ-‘fil quqfi-cimln.‘ mack t:;”.\Q§v\ TV“; ‘5 Pnqu Q‘C‘QCKQPA' bQVCCXUSYK (*3 i‘.cmvfi‘”>tx<\c) wage Meg; ms; hecGr QM cs Ram, or 40mm. “We qdvqn‘insc 05; irsz is haul: 3AA.» ‘neoA MONA have filmed-«g been orcaacod and M10137 woMclm‘Jr have "la be wag-ed in creek: MAVSV “A daqcl-mmlmasm is “we; no em. “Junk-i, 'L-o \Nl b\, a power maul: W 3A“; \rxw’r \s moslgk, «docked, 9‘ Explain with Global Carbon Cycle, how fossil fuels have formed? cm} *‘Mq‘ce‘ was; (:0: m )(ML Cc\mo‘o@\re.t»t) wcAQJr) and 1m Cocks. "Vng WM; ‘lmfiafemcl ‘\‘n ?\Q‘€‘\:* *V‘VDUS\" 'Py‘0*°‘$‘in:l'\\zzcj:§_ TVxlfiQ plom'ifs Cbkdd “\Twn bk QOAQA Qfixmq\g vafiy‘o‘m tsunami \bcfioli‘v. omit C01. Eveniiuclli, $kuth -\.\«Lge‘ wants Vlmk‘fi-‘C’i’: (lie; 4;an *k Q01 d a c. Cbk\.\ {(Qggxfik’ WHPL -\~\,Ae_v ?\(_\q“\-§‘ LkndQCSr‘QLL/Kd‘ EVQn-lumfiw oVQr *\(‘r\Q {film’s guani— - x\ y» “a x}— _ :Ecka‘ , LDKrfm “a: QM: \AhAQj a \ctrcbvc Q\\’V\D\xfi\' Cg pracfimg qné “mpwfikxw our “Avom 1 \imNS ()9. s mt”) tags“ am)“; With the help of a simple process diagram explain how a combined cycle power plant operates? and why is it preferred compared to conventional steam cycle? A gas. law‘de generalcm genofimm engages“ and lug \wlClSlFE \NLQJP (‘e‘m “Wetl- is. used in mm; nit-[Mar 3“, «Wye Stew“ ecu/{‘0‘ can gerxeraAe. oddrliom-A declm‘cilv‘ QM“ (x gram“ ¥vfimqt mg!» is preferred over ask-2mm cqc‘m because +\A_,\ amicsfliflgy 'ig {if-MW 9‘ 7. Thermal conductivity in the American Engineering system of units is: 2 grloSSKA)*LiM\nc‘) “Q \Qx} *{ZaH‘s’cmhlléfl («My 9 «'93 3mg“ (Hm) Mom) (hr)(ft2)(0F/ft) K: Btu Change this to: (dav)(m2)(°C/Cm) 8. Solve problem 2.26 from the textbook. $4va has» ocobhm \a_ 9. The specific gravity of fuel oil is 0.6. What is the density of the oil in lb/ft3? Show all units. ‘ 9,, so? Vi 1° P 0 ~‘a ‘- (swath/(ct: {7: 31.HSI‘%+‘ 1 l g . 10.Five thousand gallons of 28° APE gas oil is blended with 20,000 bb! of 15" AP! fuel oil. What is the density of the mixture in ib/gal and Ib/ft3? Assume that the voiumes are additive. $ch um“ 5“:on : mm 8meu \ \gwm °°° 1 be = 42 gal. . ‘3‘ Consider the density of water at 60°F to be 62.35 ib/ft3. ““5 « ° p-(scat 3 ' = <34 —o ~ 7 F x. Z: M“ 'L‘K-H‘SLS 0321 “L Pu“: R Wm §QJWW flwwmmmflMéTWNWWWU 60°F 141 5 FM 553%? Pm" tools “749 SpecificGravity 0 =—0——-;— SS 3 x o m : @0413 )\ .qu 60 F API+131.5 = ~ A 1 Sq 81 WW 1 isms “7m ' u sqg’t’m/us + o.$'5\8“"/;4’ = (gfl‘lo‘b/gksx “t \v/ «4533M } - 3 0H1 ‘V U (00.19 ‘9‘ 1.%\ gm ' ‘ fl go‘fll (1. W05 “WV/w 8:1:\*\6‘ W“); b m “’M/w (wait? 9m = w W 1 \ wxefi“ My -. \qus” “7N 8.11 fi\0'1 m /\\>c ( \L‘q‘nw.) \ {:4} \N omykawwwmmww%a p: . Cm ...
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EGEE302 hw1 - Race“ Day 94’ EGEE 302— Principles of...

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