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1 BS111: Practice questions 1. Find the correct match of the functional group and a representative molecule with that group: a. amino group : glucose b. carboxyl group : nitrogenous base c. carbonyl group : aldehyde d. sulfhydryl group : phospholipid e. phosphate group : alcohol Refer to the following figure for the answers to the next two questions: 2. Which shows a Van der Waals interaction site? C 3. Which shows an ionic bond? D 4. Which of the following is a result of a condensation:dehydration reaction? a. Peptide bond formation. b. Glycosidic bond formation. c. Ester bond formation. d. Phosphodiester bond formation. e. All of the above (a,b,c,d) are correct. 5. If the pH of stomach gastric juice is 2.0 how much higher is the H ion concentration than that of pure water (pH = 7)? a. 10 times. b. 100 times. c. 1000 times. d. 10,000 times. e. 100,000 times. 6. Addition of a Phosphate group to a protein (phosphorylation) can cause a change in function because: a. The molecular weight of the protein increases. b. The protein becomes a cation. c. The phosphate group changes the protein’s conformation. d. The phosphate group addition causes the loss of one H bond e. The protein’s free energy has decreased.
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2 7. Which of the following is found in the DNA double helix and in a completely single stranded RNA polymer? a. Antiparallel strands. b. 5’PO 4 to 3’ÓH phosphodiester bonds. c. Complementarity. d. Uracil. e. Ribose sugar. 8. Which of the following is correct regarding monomers, polymers and templates? a. The template for phospholipids in bilayer membranes is RNA. b. The monomer for DNA is a deoxyribonucleotide. c. The polysaccharide polymer has a DNA template. d. Proteins use other proteins as a template. e. Cellulose is a template for the insect exoskeleton. 9. Cellulose and starch are both made of glucose monomers but cellulose is indigestible to animals because: a. It is a branched chain polysaccharide. b. It is a made from polyhydroxylic aldehyde monomers. c. It is made with beta glycosidic bonds instead of alpha glycosidic bonds. d. It is a longer polymer than is starch. e. It is not made by a condensation-dehydration reaction. For the following two questions the answers are in the key below: 10. Which amino acid has a basic R group? D 11. Which amino acid has a nonpolar R group? A For the next two questions (12 and 13) the possible answers regarding protein structure are: a. primary structure b. secondary structure c. tertiary structure d. quaternary structure 12. The beta-pleated sheet is a type of this structure. B 13. A protein having more than one polypeptide chain has this structure but a protein with a single polypeptide chain does not. D 14. The double helix of DNA is formed by a. H bonds between the complementary nitrogenous bases. b.
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BS111PracticeChap2-7Ans - BS111 Practice questions 1 Find...

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