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Due October 1, 2010 MAE305 Project #1: Bisection, Fixed Point Iteration, Newton-Raphson and Matlab fzero Functions The purpose of this assignment is to investigate the different root finding methods seen in class on calculating the wavelength of an ocean wave. The wavelength of an ocean wave depends on the wave period and the water depth in which it is propagating. It can be described by the following equation: 2 2 2 tanh( ) 2 Where wavelength (m) wave period (s) water depth (m) earth's gravitational acceleration (9.81m/s ) gd d g   1/ Choose a combination of 3 depths and 3 periods for a total of 9 wavelengths (Use metric units). 2/ For each design point, find the corresponding wavelength using the bisection method and the Matlab fzero function. Compare the two methods in terms of number of iterations. Use the same initial guesses (same interval [a,b]) for both methods.
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