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Due October 15 , 2010 MAE305 Assignment #2 This assignment is to be done using the MATLAB template given during class. For each question write a separate m file. Your report must be typed in a word processor. Repeat the question before each problem. Include a copy of the commands used to solve each problem and all intermediate results obtained after each command (do not put semi-colon after your commands so each result can be printed out). Make sure your clearly highlight the final answer and that you add brief comments explaining your results. Do not use any of the predefined Matlab functions unless stated otherwise. You may however check your results with these functions. Problem 1 Gauss Elimination (no partial pivoting): Solve book problem 10 page 285. Show all steps to your calculations. Problem 2 Gauss partial pivot with row scaling: Solve book problem 16 page 285. Show
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Unformatted text preview: all steps to your calculations. Problem 3: LU-decomposition using Gauss multipliers: Find L and U for matrix A by performing a Gauss elimination and using the multipliers to find the lower triangular matrix. A= 2 -3 2 -6 10 -3 -4 7 -2 Do not use Matlab lu function.( see example 6.4 in book page 287) Problem 4: Direct calculation of L and U: Solve book problem 4 page 290. Do not use Matlab lu function. Problem 5: Condition number: Solve book problem 20 page 301. Use Matlab inv function to invert the matrix. Do not use MATLAB predefined function cond and norm. Problem 6: Ill-conditionning : Solve book problem 24 page 301 ( ICS1 and ICS2 are defined p. 298, do part a, b and c). Which one of the diagnostic inspections most strongly suggests ill-conditioning? You may use all of Matlab’s predefined functions to find the solution to this exercise....
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