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National League Baseball Salaries (2005) Team Name Salary Position Arizona Diamondbacks Aquino, Greg 325,000 Pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks Bruney, Brian 322,500 Pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks Choate, Randy 550,000 Pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks Cintron, Alex 360,000 Shortstop Arizona Diamondbacks Clark, Tony 750,000 First Baseman Arizona Diamondbacks Clayton, Royce 1,350,000 Shortstop Arizona Diamondbacks Counsell, Craig 1,350,000 Second Baseman Arizona Diamondbacks Cruz Jr, Jose 4,000,000 Outfielder Arizona Diamondbacks Estes, Shawn 2,500,000 Pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks Gil, Jerry 318,000 Shortstop Arizona Diamondbacks Glaus, Troy 9,000,000 Third Baseman Arizona Diamondbacks Gonzalez, Luis 10,083,333 Outfielder Arizona Diamondbacks Gosling, Mike 317,500 Pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks Green, Shawn 7,833,333 First Baseman Arizona Diamondbacks Halsey, Brad 317,500 Pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks Hill, Koyie 318,000 Catcher Arizona Diamondbacks Kata, Matthew 330,000 Second Baseman Arizona Diamondbacks Kiplove, Mike 825,000 Pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks Lyon, Brandon 330,000 Pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks McCracken, Quinton 750,000 Outfielder Arizona Diamondbacks Ortiz, Russ 7,375,000 Pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks Snyder, Chris 318,000 Catcher Arizona Diamondbacks Terrero, Luis 321,000 Outfielder Arizona Diamondbacks Tracy, Chad 335,000 Third Baseman Arizona Diamondbacks Valverde, Jose 335,000 Pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks Vazquez, Javier 11,000,000 Pitcher Arizona Diamondbacks Webb, Brandon 715,000 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Bernero, Adam 450,000 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Betemit, Wilson 316,000 Shortstop Atlanta Braves Colon, Roman 318,500 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Estrada, Johnny 460,000 Catcher Atlanta Braves Franco, Julio 1,000,000 First Baseman Atlanta Braves Furcal, Rafael 5,600,000 Shortstop Atlanta Braves Giles, Marcus 2,350,000 Second Baseman Atlanta Braves Gryboski, Kevin 877,500 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Hampton, Mike 15,125,000 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Hudson, Tim 6,500,000 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Jones, Andruw 13,000,000 Outfielder Atlanta Braves Jones, Chipper 16,061,802 Outfielder
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Atlanta Braves Jordan, Brian 600,000 Outfielder Atlanta Braves Kolb, Dan 3,400,000 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Langerhans, Ryan 316,000 Outfielder Atlanta Braves LaRoche, Adam 337,500 First Baseman Atlanta Braves Martin, Tom 1,900,000 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Mondesi, Raul 1,000,000 Outfielder Atlanta Braves Orr, Pete 300,000 Second Baseman Atlanta Braves Perez, Eddie 625,000 Catcher Atlanta Braves Ramirez, Horacio 370,000 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Reitsma, Chris 1,650,000 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Smoltz, John 9,000,000 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Sosa, Jorge 650,000 Pitcher Atlanta Braves Thomson, John 4,250,000 Pitcher Chicago Cubs Barrett, Michael 3,133,333 Catcher Chicago Cubs Bartosh, Cliff 318,600 Pitcher Chicago Cubs Blanco, Henry 1,200,000 Catcher Chicago Cubs Borowski, Joe 2,300,000 Pitcher Chicago Cubs Burnitz, Jeromy 4,500,000 Outfielder Chicago Cubs Dempster, Ryan 2,000,000 Pitcher Chicago Cubs
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NLBB.salaries.2005 - National League Baseball Salaries...

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