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Homework Problems Is the child disorganized? Does the child have a learning disability, an academic skills deficit, a language disorder, or mental retardation? Does the child have difficulty writing properly? Is the child distractible or hyperactive? Does the child have psychosocial or family problems? 42 www.brightfutures.org BRIGHT FUTURES TOOL FOR PROFESSIONALS H ealth professionals are frequently asked by parents for advice or help in handling conflicts with their child over home- work. Providing effective guidance requires an understanding of potential factors that may be contributing to a child’s diffi- culty with school or homework, and to parental frustration. The following table offers a framework for assessment and interventions regarding homework problems. Assessment Interventions Suggest teaching the child time-management skills and memorization strategies, such as using acronyms. Advise parents and teachers to check the child’s backpack before he leaves home and school to ensure that he has what he needs. Suggest using an assignment book routed daily between teacher and parent. Consider having a duplicate set of books at home for easy reference. Discuss dividing assignments that are not due for several days into segments and completing one step at a time. Advise parents to request an educational management team meeting or, for a child who is eligible for special education services, an Individualized Education Program. If a language disorder is suspected, refer the child for evaluation to a language pathologist and audiologist. Refer a child who has significant difficulties with reading, spelling, or mathematics
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