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Homework Hints Homework Hints Homework Hints Homework Hints onor the teaching methods of your child’s teacher and school. Avoid confusing him with tricks or short- cuts that contradict what he has learned. ffer a homework environment that is comfortable and free of distraction. Consider your child’s personality when establishing the work area. Some children work best in total privacy, while others thrive with family members close by. odel behavior you want your child to imitate. Let your child see you reading books, writing letters or balancing your checkbook while she does her homework. stablish a consistent homework schedule. Children may need a break after school, although some prefer to get their homework done immediately. Avoid the bedtime hour when fatigue can lead to frustration and short tempers. ithhold from preaching and criticizing. Be supportive and offer words of encouragement to ensure a positive homework environment. versee your child’s progress through frequent
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